Existing Users Placed Order for 30 Extra Hanvan G7 Vehicles for Its Reliability, Durability and High Attendance Rate

37彩票In the 1980s, Mr. Xu got his driver’s license, thus kicking off his more than three-decade career in the field of logistics & transport. He drives passenger buses and trucks. Nowadays, he owns his own fleet. In March 2018, he chose to purchase 15 Hanvan G7 dumpers. 


Believe in the power of brands

Xu Hongyuan always believes for the logistic operators, the most important thing is to select the right vehicles because only the right vehicles can ensure the fleet efficiency and normal operations of the fleet. At present, his fleet mainly transports the sands and gravels in very poor operating environment and bad road conditions. “Such working conditions have high requirements for vehicles and poor working conditions also bring huge losses in vehicles.”

37彩票In the past decades and more, Xu Hongyuan has accumulated rich experience in using various models of heavy trucks in multiple brands. “XCMG has very high brand reputation in the industry of mechanic engineering. So after the XCMG heavy trucks are put into the market, I have attached great attention to it because I believe products of large brands and companies are trustworthy.” Xu Hongyuan believes in the power of brands. In March 2018, he purchased 15 units of Hanvan G7 8x4 dumpers whose horsepower reaches 375. These vehicles have been used for nearly one year, making wonderful performance in safety, power and attendance rate, etc. 



Reliable, usable and high rate of attendance

37彩票 “When selecting the dumpers, the most important factors are reliability, durability and high rate of attendance”, said Xu Hongyuan. “Hanvan G7 dumpers use the golden engine combination with high transmission rate. It has very high transport efficiency in bad working conditions, resulting in very good vehicle conditions.”

As an experienced driver, Xu is extremely familiar with the importance of three vehicle assemblies. The Hanvan G7 dumper is equipped with WP12.375E50 China V-emission engine featuring robust power and quick start, slope-climbing and acceleration. The Fastre 12-gear transmission ensures the vehicle has smooth and stable control. Besides, the Hande Axle, which as excellent performance in bearing capacity and driving force, makes sure the vehicle has exceptional power chain. The 5.262 speed ratio is sufficient to handle complex and bad working conditions and operating environment in heavy load and slopes, etc. 



It is worthwhile to mention that Hanvan G7 dumper has upgraded and optimized the working conditions of the standard load. With strong bearing capacity, it makes the low-gravity-center design of the carriage and sub-frame, able to deal with the short operation distance of dumpers and frequent lifts, reduce the security risk of turns and overthrows, improve the product quality and adaptability of working conditions, and make the vehicle safer and more reliable. 

“Vehicles in our fleet are operating every day. Since March this year till today, the fleet has been operating for nearly one year, with each vehicle’s average operating mileage reaching 50,000 to 60,000km. In average, the monthly operating mileage stands at about 6,000-7,000km, driving more than 200km per day”. Xu Hongyuan said, these Hanvan G7 dumpers have the highest attendance rate among the fleet. Except the regular maintenance, these are in the state of operations. 



The fleet of Xu Hongyuan adopts the regulations of special driver for dedicated vehicles. Though the labor cost of each driver is the big sum, it is really not easy to recruit drivers in Shanghai willing to drive for long in the fleet. However, since Hanvan G7 dumpers joined the fleet, Xu Hongyuan found it attracted favor from many drivers. Few drivers of the model choose to leave the job, making the stable team of drivers. 



Drivers have the greatest power of say for driving the vehicles. “Though I don’t drive anymore, I know the fleet drivers love to drive Hanvan G7 dumper. In addition to its reliability, durability, and high attendance rate, we focus on the driving/riding comfort of the model”. The Hanvan G7 dumper’s driver seat is the gas shock-mitigation seat, the four-point mechanic floating driver cabin suspension, and the electric lift driver’s cabin. These high-end configurations ensure the driving/riding comfort of the vehicle, and capture the attention of the driver in the source. As a result, he, who is also a driver, very much understands why Hanvan G7 dumpers can get the favor from the fleet drivers. 

37彩票The fleet business of Xu Hongyuan is booming. To meet the effective operation and development of the fleet, it needs to purchase more dumpers. And Xu Hongyuan decides to continue more Hanvan vehicles. “In this period, the use of the model proves XCMG products are really assuring. So we are ready to purchase another 30 units”. After this expansion, Hanvan G7 will become the mainstream force of his fleet, helping him make greater progress in his career. 

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