Project Worth 2.5b RMB Ongoing to Get Upper Hand in Fire Control Industry

In the start of 2019, XCMG accelerated the construction of its fire control equipment manufacturing base. When put into production, it will not only become the leading player in the industry, but also help lay foundation for the local economic growth. 

37彩票The XCMG fire control equipment manufacturing base covers about 340 Chinese mu. The project receives total investment of 2.5b RMB, which is the major industrial project in Jiangsu Province. At present, the principal steel structure is under construction. 

XCMG fire control equipment manufacturing base, which is now under construction, is the largest manufacturing base of fire control industry in China.

37彩票Till today, 85% of the factory in the base has been completed. Upon completion, the equipment debugging is about to be kicked off. It is expected to be put into production by the latter part of July. 

37彩票Upon completion, the uniform production system of XCMG fire control will be expanded into the intelligent, digital and modern manufacturing system that integrates R&D, production and test. 

The annual capacity will be 1,000 fire control vehicles and 15,000 aerial operation platforms.

37彩票It will reach the leading level among the same kind of manufacturers in China in terms of all economic indicators.

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