XCMG RP1655 Paver Set Helps Freeway Project

37彩票In 2018, XCMG RP1655 pavers were operating on major road projects in China

37彩票XCMG service workers were assembling XCMG RP1655 paver in the snow

On the fifth day of Chinese Lunar New Year when people were immersed in the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival, to ensure normal progress of the project, XCMG service workers were set out for Henan to complete the assembly of 3 RP1655 pavers in spite of the snow. Since the screed plate RP1655 paver can be assembled and disassembled only by lifting of the upper cover plate with removal of the front plate, and the articulated pin is equipped, rapid docking and bolt installation can be achieved. It is the people-oriented details of RP1655 pavers and the dedication of service workers that make XCMG well received by the construction side!

37彩票XCMG road roller is parked at the roadside.

Picture of XCMG RP1655 paver on the construction site

37彩票Compared with the 280KW engine in the same industry, the engine of RP1655 paver has a power of 316KW, revolving speed of 1900rpm, and the whole fuel consumption reduced by 5%. In addition, when the screed plate heated by steam is used in the peer industry, XCMG RP1655 is equipped with the screed plate heated by electric plus 50KW high-power inverter generator. The machine can achieve the idle heating, faster construction speed and higher uniformity.

Touch-button control console of RP1655 paver

Operator is an indispensable link in the road construction. In order to provide operators a concise and comfortable operating environment, we upgrade this device to further reduce operators’ labor intensity, integrate fault diagnosis system and construction management system, with good interaction interface to achieve more intelligent man-machine interaction, large-screen high-definition color display to ensure clear operation parameter, and fault classification display and grading prompt to realize more convenient and efficient fault diagnosis, and combine construction parameter memory and restoration function to ensure more convenient construction adjustment and more stable construction quality.

Large-screen high-definition color display

It is worth mentioning that our paver can achieve one-touch operation such as speed setting, leveling cylinder adjustment and vibration speed setting. As the leveling cylinder is equipped with sensors, its displacement can be directly read on the control panel and the displacement difference can be controlled, which prevents the distortion of big arm due to large displacement on both sides of the leveling cylinder. On the console, you can also more intuitively understand the changes in paving thickness on both sides, so as to correct human error during construction.

37彩票Relying on people-oriented detail design, and advanced and reliable product performance, China’s most intelligent super-large paver RP1655 is receiving continuous orders and praise! A series of RP1655 pavers are also arriving in around the world, exerting their mission and value!

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