XCMG’s 7t Loader - 980,000 Shovel Quantity in 3,700 Hours in 365 Days

The Mayao Zone in Lianyungang Port is the golden zone in the port area. Mainly handling bulk cargoes such as ores, iron ores, coals and other cargoes with large density, it is a comprehensive wharf that integrates bulk cargo, container and train transport. Here you cannot only see the busiest business, but also see the Mount Yuntai and Liandao Island in the adjacency. The two rows of railways in the operation zone are close to the shore. When cargo train drives in slowly on the rails, the blue sky, sea and slowly-driving train produce an aesthetic painting of port.  

37彩票Walking into the Mayao operation zone, you will immediately be attracted by the busy scene. The leading transit system is made by more than 130 machinery units. As one of the major shoveling equipment, loaders are widely and mainly used in warehouse clearance and loading. 

Why did Lianyungang Port select XCMG’s loaders? 

Since the first XCMG loader was purchased in 2009, more than 20 XCMG loader units are being used in Mayao operation zone. The operator Chen, pointing at the XCMG LW700KW loader, said, “One year has passed since it arrived in the port in January 2018. In one year, it works 3,700 hours, shoveling 980,000t. More importantly, it operates with zero breakdown in one year.”

However, it is not an isolated case. 

37彩票The operator Chen continued to say, “Taking the first XCMG 5t loader purchased in 2009 as an example, it has worked for nearly 10 years, operating for 24,000 hours. Compared with products of other brands also operating for 10 years, XCMG product has more robust power. It is still working on warehouse clearance.”

37彩票The positive use experience alone is not sufficient to touch the experienced port operator Chen. XCMG Loader keeps studying and improving port work conditions, organizing expert panel to make site visit to the port and improving equipment according to the factual needs. It enhances matching among different parts, strengthens equipment cooperation, and establishes the dedicated technical team stationed in the port. Four staff are allocated for two units, who follow the same work schedule with port operators while providing 24-hour considerate service. 

37彩票Seeing the 10-year continuous improvement, the operator Chen recognizes XCMG loaders from the bottom of his heart, “The equipment performance, power, fuel economy, appearance and comfort in particular are very satisfying. For instance, the hydraulic system and turning are very easy, making the operation quite convenient. Nowadays, many XCMG vehicles are used to load trains, featuring very high measurement precision. One bucket of XCMG Loader has only 30kg error.”

37彩票As the foreign trade booms, Lianyungang Port is seeing continuous rise in throughput. Each year, the port area would purchase new equipment for port transit. As the loyal fan of XCMG Loader, the operator Chen would always recommend XCMG equipment. “XCMG Loader is our priority choice. In the future, we will purchase larger-tonnage XCMG loaders to work in the port”. 

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