First XCMG Vehicle-mounted 3,000m Deep Drilling Rig Is Put into Service

Recently, the first XCMG vehicle-mounted 3,000m deep drilling rig has been successfully delivered to a customer in Qingdao, achieving a good start to the New Year.

37彩票The vehicle-mounted 3,000m deep drilling rig is another high-end product of XCMG Foundation. It has a chassis technology that is incomparable in the industry, namely oil and gas suspension, multi-wheel steering, and meeting the requirement of new emission standard, and mechanics-electronics-hydraulics control technology that XCMG inherits for many years, as well as stronger, lighter and more stable body structure, and more humanized operation interface. Those features are the weapon that we compete with the peer.

37彩票China has vigorously strengthened the exploitation of coal bed methane and shale gas, which provides a rare opportunity for the development of XCMG deep drilling rig. Therefore, XCMG 3,000m deep drilling rig has emerged.

37彩票Over the past year, XCMG has rapidly industrialized its deep drilling rig, with sales increasing by 182% year on year, contributing to energy construction around the world. Bearing customers’ expectations, XCMG Foundation will further increase the input of various resources in deep drilling rig products, establish a complete supply system and service system, and constantly improve product quality to bring more value to customers.

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