Ten Thousand & One Hundred Million of Export Program Facilitates XCMG Loader Export to Markets along the Belt & Road

Over the past three decades, XCMG loaders, as one of the first XCMG products entering the international market, have made great efforts to move forward. Since its presence in the world market, XCMG Loaders has been ranking No. 1 among all China’s exporters of loaders. 

37彩票At the start of 2019 when all competitors were ready to compete in the overseas market for the year, XCMG Loaders was the first to take moves, kicking off its new journey into the international development. 

On March 1 when the weather was perfect, XCMG Loaders held the export ceremony and inauguration of Long Distance Service Travels in its intelligent manufacturing base. 

37彩票The event was attended by nearly 300 participants, including Wang Qingzhu, XCMG VP, GM & Party Secretary of XCMG Scraper, Liu Jiansen, XCMG VP and GM of XCMG Export & Import, Cui Xiangdong, Vice Director of XCMG Spare Parts Supervision & Management Department, Yue Taiyu, Deputy Party Secretary, Discipline Inspection Secretary and Vice GM of XCMG Scraper, Ma Zhongyi, Supervisor of XCMG Export & Import Asia Pacific, and representatives of SDEC Power, WeiChai and YuChai, etc. 

The Ten Thousand & One Hundred Million of Export Program Facilitates Development of the Belt & Road Initiative

Year 2019 marks the first year for XCMG Scrapers to implement its international strategy featuring Ten Thousand & One Hundred Million of Export Program. To be specific, it is the first in the industry to lengthen the service warranty period to two years, store spare parts worth 100m RMB in the overseas markets, improve overseas information system management, and support the 10,000-loader export in 2019. 

Wang Qingzhu, XCMG VP, GM & Party Secretary of XCMG Scraper, was speaking at the ceremony. 

About the strategic goal proposed by Chairman Wang Min that “international revenues will take 50% of the total by 2020”, Wang Qingzhu was full of confidence and expressed encouragement in his speech, “Over the past three decades, XCMG has kept its strategy of international development. In this campaign, XCMG Loaders will work hard in the unswerving way, adhere to the product strategy of ‘leading technologies, everlasting products and artworks’, and help global clients upgrade values.”

As a famous biz card of made-in-China products, XCMG Loaders keeps contributing its efforts in the Belt & Road Initiative. The LW550FV loaders exported to Asia Pacific are premium products launched by XCMG to re-position the global market in 2019. These exported products are featured by longer wheelbase, larger steering angle, optimized and upgraded hydraulic system, strong shoveling capacity and higher operation efficiency. It takes two missions, namely, implementing the Ten Thousand & One Hundred Million of Export Program and fulfilling the Belt & Road Initiative. 

XCMG works hard towards international development

37彩票The export of XCMG loaders to overseas market is just part of the international development of the Group. In recent years, XCMG products have reached 183 countries and regions in the world. For 29 years in a row, XCMG is China’s largest manufacturer of engineering machinery, and ranks No. 6 in the world industry. 

In particular, 70% of XCMG exports reach 63 countries and regions along the Belt & Road. In 2018 alone, XCMG exports to Asia Pacific rose by 32%, much higher than average export growth in the industry. Export of XCMG Loaders continued to rank No. 1 exporter in the industry. 

Liu Jiansen, XCMG VP and GM of XCMG Export & Import, was speaking at the ceremony.

 “Premium products provide quality resources for XCMG staff working overseas. When working hard to occupy the international market, XCMG produces high-end products for the market”, said Liu Jiansen in his speech. 

“Golden service” secures the Long Distance Service Travel 

In the Ten Thousand & One Hundred Million of Export Program, the post-market is given the unprecedented position. In 2019, XCMG prioritizes service quality improvement in its international strategy. It is necessary to provide the best service so that the clients are amazed by it. In this way, XCMG will always get the upper hand in the competition, thus setting up the brand as China’s Best Engineering Machinery. 

The campaign Long Distance Service Travel, which was kicked off together with the ceremony, constituted the strong support to the consensus. Through the service campaign that reaches the world, XCMG Scrapers will work together with XCMG Export and Import to bring the service model of “robust golden service for the entire process”, and change the overseas target market, and solve the problem of timely service and support. At the same time, it will work jointly with local dealers to make service visits to clients in dozens of country, collect first-hand feedback information and apply them in upgrading the products, thus using the high-quality products, advanced technologies and sound experience to provide added value to global users, consolidating and expanding XCMG’s export advantages and making new breakthroughs in the international market. 

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