XCMG Large-tonnage Loaders

Lianyungang Port, known as the eastern end of New Silk Road and bridgehead of New Euro-Asia Continental Bridge, is the most convenient and economical estuary in  central-western China. In the Port operation zone, two XCMG LW1000KN loaders, which were delivered to the Port in January 2019, are shoveling and loading coals. 

37彩票The waves are lapping against the seawalls, producing large sounds. Walking close to the two busy LW1000KN loaders, one can experience the busy scene. 

Mr. Yang, driver of the new XCMG 10T loader

“It is wonderfully sealed with rationally-arranged meters in the cabin, featured by easy operations and robust power”. Mr. Yang is the driver of one of the two LW1000KN loaders. He has been working for eight years in Lianyungang Port, driving the loader. In these eight years, he had driven the large-tonnage loader of imported brand. “It is the first time to drive the 10T loader, which gives me the wonderful feeling. In particular, the seats are electrically-heated, bringing great comfort”, said Mr. Yang happily. “As drivers, we wish the driver’s cabin can be comfortable, the operation is easy and convenient, the equipment is reliable, and the performance is stable. XCMG loaders meet all these requirements.”

Mr. Wu, Supervisor of Equipment Management in the operation zone

Mr. Wu has been working in port for years. Actually, it is his first job lasting till today. Starting with the grassroots level, he is now in the executive team, witnessing the port development and generation replacement of port equipment. “Since the mechanical operations, all equipment in the Port had been the products of imported brand. However, the use of imported brand is expensive in both price and cost of maintenance”. Mr. Wu recalled, “But we had no other options. With poor operating environment in the Port, the arriving goods, in particular the iron ores, coals, ores and other bulk cargoes are featured by the large density and heavy load.”

Talking about the two XCMG 10T loaders, according to my observation and feedback from the drivers, they match the 11T loaders of international brands in operation, comfort and performance. XCMG loaders are becoming better and better. 

37彩票In the heart of Mr. Wu, XCMG loaders have greater advantages than those of imported brands. “Overseas manufacturers just listen to our demands. They don’t improve their products according to our needs. However, XCMG Loaders does think in the boots of users, improving product adaptability of products according to our demands and producing what we really need.”

 “After years of use, we find XCMG Loaders does meet the needs our Port. The equipment having been in use for five or six years, is as stable as new machines in both quality and performance. If we ask the drivers to decide which machine to drive, they would all choose XCMG products”, said Mr. Wu. “If drivers say it is good, it is really good.”

In the sunset hours, under the many Port cranes in Lianyungang Port, loaders and trucks drive to and pro. The many cargo trains occupy the dozens of railways. The shining color of LW1000KN loaders, together with the sunset scene in the Port, make the most ambitious scroll. As one of the busiest ports in China, Lianyungang Port will purchase more and more XCMG loaders, supporting the efficient operations in this large international port. 

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