Making an Aggressive Foray Into the Overseas High-end Market! XCMG’s Electric-Drive Dump Trucks Rumbled Into Australia

Quickly occupy commanding industry heights amid massive upheavals and uncertainties Stumbling out of deepening consolidations and sweeping reshuffles, global mining machinery giants are waking up to the value of the industry segment, and flocking in. Like all its peers, XCMG has sprinted forward at full speed; but unlike all its peers, it has dashed down the course with more lofty ambitions and more customer-value-focused strategy. It pushes for innovations, and it strives to make breakthroughs. A large batch of XCMG-branded integrated mining plants were shipped to Australia in October 2018, marking the initial success of made-in-China large-sized mining equipment thrusting into the global high-end market, and bringing to relief the high profile presence of China’s construction machinery industry on the world arena.

37彩票Recently, a similar scenario played once again in Xuzhou, the Town of Construction Machinery in China: a long parade of large cargo carriers full of large equipments are sailing out in a single file to Australia, dotting the magnificent skyline over the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and lighting up the national dream of China’s large-sized mining products conquering international high-end markets.

Being a typical high-end market in the global mining machinery sector, Australia has stringent product technology and quality certification systems, and enforces very strict standards on equipment safety, comfort and reliability. XCMG succeeded in breaking the monopoly by a few global brands on the local large-sized mining equipment market, signifying China's manufacturing industry, especially XCMG, has won recognition from international high-end markets.

Amid XCMG’s ambitious push to quicken its industrial restructuring toward high-end markets, the large-sized mining machinery is not only among its development priorities, but also part of its important strategic vision to be a globally trusted world-class enterprise with unique value creativity. Electric drive dump trucks in this shipment of mining equipment to Australia have many prominent features, including larger loading capacities, higher transport efficiency and higher operational comfort. As a result, not only can they fully satisfy various needs and requirements under different mining conditions, but also can, if matched with the hydraulic excavators sent before, be able to fulfill customers’ demand for added values and maximize their operational efficiency.

37彩票During their long journey of venturing overseas, XCMG folks have been a devout believer in persistent efforts: Having both their heart and head tossed in, they unswervingly march on the road of serving their nation by developing their industry, and relying on their unfailing passion and down-to-earth efforts, they are firmly committed to realizing their dream of contributing a strong world-class Chinese brand to the global mining equipment industry.

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