XCMG Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs Shine Dubai International Trenchless Exhibition

Dubai is the economic and financial center in the Middle East. Recently, at the 11th Dubai International Trenchless Exhibition held in Dubai, XCMG XZ200 horizontal directional drilling rigs was favored by customers and the exhibits were positively ordered. 

37彩票The Exhibition is the only one in Dubai focusing on the most advanced equipment and trenchless technology, including underground infrastructure and pipeline facilities, and has great influence in the Middle East. XCMG horizontal directional drilling rigs are widely used in power cables, communication cables, gas pipelines, drainage and sewage pipelines, urban utility tunnel and other engineering fields. At present, the product type spectrum covers large and medium-sized tonnage, and the products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions. During the Exhibition, a large number of customers from different countries came to consult and expressed their purchase intention. 

37彩票After many years of development, the core configuration and key technical indicators of XCMG horizontal directional drilling rigs have reached the international leading position, ranking first in sales in Russia, India and other countries. XCMG Foundation will “further implement the product concept of leading technology, everlasting products and becoming crafts, creating world-class products, focusing on the international high-end market, expanding its territory, and promoting XCMG brand to all parts of the world. 

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