XCMG’s New-generation Hygiene Equipment Seen at Expo of Environmental & Hygiene Facilities & Equipment and Solid Waste Treatment Technology

On March 4, the 4th Henan Expo of Environmental & Hygiene Facilities & Equipment and Solid Waste Treatment Technology was held in Zhengzhou Conference & Exhibition Center, which was attended by government officials, industrial organizations and clients. 

37彩票The Expo attracted over 100 representative enterprises in the industry. XCMG Environment brought four models of X1 environmental equipment to the event, namely, pure EV cleaning vehicle, 8T cleaning sweeper, 20T detachable container garbage collector and 15m3 mobile station, which gained great praise from participants and highlighted the strong power of XCMG hygiene machinery. They attracted great attention during the event period. 

37彩票Officials from Henan Department of Housing and Urban & Rural

Development visited XCMG booth

37彩票XCMG booth was visited frequently

Outside the booth, many enterprises demonstrated the operation of hygiene equipment to fully reveal the product performance. The X1 XCMG new-generation cleaning sweeper attracted many visitors because of its exceptional quality made possible by its golden standard of “leading technology & everlasting products”. 


The large-tank pure EV cleaning machine

It is suitable for cleaning service on urban roads, sidewalks, squares and other venues, as well as irrigating service in green belt. The vehicle uses the pure gas control. Equipped with efficient cleaning & spraying system, it is also equipped with pure EV chassis featured by large battery capacity, low energy consumption and more than eight hours of continued operations. 

The all-series detachable container garbage collector + intelligent zero-pollution mobile station

37彩票The detachable container garbage collector combines garbage loading, unloading and transport. It can be used together with the large or medium-sized parallel fixed garbage station. Adopting the vehicle loading/unloading, the carriage can be detached to replace another carriage, thus making the vehicle more mobile and flexible. 

37彩票Cleaning sweeper with strong absorption force. 

The vehicle combines the functions of traditional sweeper and cleaning machine, which can also spray and reduce dust. Equipped with the exclusively patented efficient fan whose blowing efficiency reaches 85.88%, it exceeds the national standard I for nearly four percentage points. The energy efficiency is 50-70% higher than the competing products, with the sweeping life cycle rising by more than 60% from the competing products. The sweeping plate is equipped with stepless speed, which can change speed automatically as the vehicle speed to reduce brush abrasion and improve cleaning effect. 

37彩票As the technologies improve and market reputation goes up, XCMG X1 new-generation hygiene equipment has been extensively applied across China. In the future, XCMG Environment will make better environment by adopting the operating model focusing on product sales and operating service. 

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